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New Era Food & Gift Fundraising

Pine River Wisconsin Classics

This program is a true Cheese and Sausage program. There are many varieties of our famous Wisconsin Cold Pack Cheese as well as our delicious summer sausage. Also offered on this program are cheese and sausage samples and beef sticks.  Customers will have trouble choosing just one item.

From Heartland to Home

This program is perfect for the group that wants party favorites, sweets & treats, flavorful snack mixes and heartwarming soups.  We use our delicious cheese spreads to compliment the other delicious food items.

Comforts of Home

Time to celebrate with exciting new treats and gifts for everyone!

Sparkle and Shine

This program has something for everyone.  Gift items, kitchen items, chocolate, fudge, magazines, snack items and gift wrap.

Sweet Illuminations Snacks

More information coming soon.

Save Around Coupon Books!

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Cookie Dough & Pizza Fundraising

This is a GREAT frozen program. The wide variety of products on this program include 9 kinds of pizza, French bread pizza, pizza fries, jalapeno bites, pumpkin rolls, red velvet rolls, cheese cake, and 6 varieties of cookie dough. NEW! Cookie Dough Bites!

Cookie Dough & Pizza Fundraising Catalogs

For more information, call today at 330-590-0671

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