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New Era Coupon Book Fundraising

Coupon Book

Save Around Coupon Books –  This coupon book targets your community as well as the surrounding area.  There are $5,000.00 worth of coupons that provide discounts and 2-for-one offers for food, entertainment, sports venues etc. This book also includes discounts at auto service establishments as well as many local and national chain stores. The Save Around coupon book sells for $20.00.

There is no minimum order and this promotion is risk free. Groups that sell less than 350 items earn a profit of 40% or $8.00 per book. Groups that sell more than 350 items earn 50% profit or $10.00 per book. Sellers receive a free book for every 5 books sold. Coupon books come out in August and are valid for 18 months. Books are now available for many areas throughout the United States!


Save Around Coupon Books!

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Cookie Dough & Pizza Fundraising

This is a GREAT frozen program. The wide variety of products on this program include 9 kinds of pizza, French bread pizza, pizza fries, jalapeno bites, pumpkin rolls, red velvet rolls, cheese cake, and 6 varieties of cookie dough. NEW! Cookie Dough Bites!

Cookie Dough & Pizza Fundraising Catalogs

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